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DFG GS1000 - All-in-one Mechanical Binder

ID : 15966
MSRP : $6999.00
INSTANT SAVING : -$1000.00

DFG GS1000 All-In-One TableTop Mechanical Punch and Binder

All-in-One machines punch and bind three mechanical binding choices: comb, wire, and coil.

DFG's engineers have incorporated all punching and binding functions into one elegant design. This significantly saves on money, space, and headaches.
The GS1000 is a tabletop mechanical punch and binder that is able to punch and bind for all three major mechanical binding choices: coil, wire, and comb. The GS1000 is truly an engineering breakthrough in this digital era.
The innovative design of the GS1000 eliminates the need for interchangeable dies and numerous binding modules. This means you do not have to change messy dies, or get grease and paper dust all over your hands. And since you do not change the die, this design eliminates damaged to dies that weren't installed correctly. The GS1000 punching dies are all self-contained within the unit.
Utilizing the world's first full disengagement-pin design (recently copied by other manufacturers), punched paper is free from partial punches, on any size project. The disengagement-pin design uses independent coil spring mechanisms on each pull pin that allows the pins to disengage with a crisp snapping action.
Our 6 inch coil roller is all the rubber you need. Simply start the coil by hand and then touch it to the rubber roller. Your hands unconsciously will move the book as the coil is wound through the paper. 6 inch rollers are the professional standard.


  • Description....All in One Punch and Binder
  • Punch Capacity....35 Sheets for all punch patterns
  • Binding....Electric Coil Binding; Manual Wire and Comb Binding
  • Power Supply....110Volts/ 60 Hz
  • WEIGHT....180 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS (L x W x H)....20 x 23-5/8 x 16 INCHES

    Centralized Reproduction Department

    Quick completion times for binding, internal die sets, and efficient designs make it ideal for anybody to use.

    On-Demand Environments

    Provides every form of mechanical binding whenever needed in one easy-to -use package.

    Quick Printers

    Easy to use, low aquisitions and running costs, and small footprint suit a quick print environment perfectly.

    Electric Coil Binding, Manual Wire and Comb Binding
    PUNCH CAPACITY: 35 Sheets
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